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Sansiri optimistic about Khon Kaen real estate market


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Sansiri optimistic about Khon Kaen real estate market
By The Nation




KHON KAEN: -- Property firm Sansiri says it has sold 80 per cent of its Bt2.1 billion Base Height Mittraphap-Khon Kaen condominium project, thanks largely to the government investing more in infrastructure projects in the province.


 Projects  currently under development in the province include the Chira Junction-Khon Kaen SRT double-track railway.

That is slated for completion in 2019.


The project will support the passenger traffic and efficient rail-based cargo transport throughout the Northeast.


Also under development is the expansion of Khon Kaen Airport, which is getting a new passenger terminal, apron and car park to elevate the airport to an international level and welcome more tourists.


Another project is the light rail transit system, which is slated to open 2020. 


Sansiri said these projects will enhance the attractiveness of The Base Height Mittraphap-Khon Kaen.


The condominium project is located in downtown Khon Kaen, near the Central Plaza shopping centre. 


Sansiri believes that the real estate market in Khon Kaen will continue to grow well into the future.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/business/property/30318466

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-06-19
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KK is nice when the Uni is shut, but those kids in Cars nBars drove me daft ,only there I week felt like a Year Daughter at Uni there Years ago 13.Live there?. Jeez you need a good reason to live inland ,bloody Teachers , grumpy old Ferangs who are out of cash, go near to a guiet Tourist area where you can have a Beer with New happy faces When yer fed up listening to Er in Doors.?[emoji481]

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16 hours ago, ChrisY1 said:

This has to be a "pre paid" advertisement.....Somehow I just don't see a boom in real estate happening in Khon Kaen....ever!

I bought land in Khon kaen 11 years ago just past the museum on Kasikorn Tunsang Road for 100,000 baht a rai. It is worth 5-7 million per rai now.


I bought land near Sri Jan road for 250,000 for 1 rai. I could sell this now for 10 million.


Sigh, why do people post when they have no idea?


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