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Xenical / Orlistat generic


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another product, with similar intended weight loss outcome, is Zantrex


it's different, in that mt Dr was correct, in that it will lose you 3kg, but not much more than that.


the real difference is in that it doesn't have the same after effects that befall a Xenical user

- who won't change his fatty eating habits! 


with Xenical I was not thinking!

 - when visiting Malaysain friends, and was silly enough to partake their usual high coconutty fat red chicken currys and laksas.




you've probably have read into it? but if you don't curtail your fatty eat activities; the toilet bowl will look like someone has simply poured in a saucepan full of the red curry sauce!!

 - that is assuming that you do make it to the bowl! for it attacks fat consumption pretty quickly!

(personal experience)


Xenical holds up to it's claims - it certainly inhibits the stomach lining from absorbing any! fats



one certainly loses weight though!


when you go for it at the pharmacy, you can expect the pharmo to enquire your BMI levels?

The intent is that the product should only be used by people who actually need it!



and, it instills an understanding (or appreciation)  of what self-discipline is all about... 


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