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TAT turning to the "super wealthy" to boost domestic tourism


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1 hour ago, donnacha said:

Maybe, I've only been a member here for 7 years.

That does not, however, negate my point. If what you allege, that "the program was about to go down the drain", happened at any point before 2013, it would be something that at least one person would delight in bringing up in every one of the many, many threads about the Elite Visa.

First sentence: You are correct, only 7 years ( not condescending just stating ) given that the program started in 2013.

Second part: so...the result fails your expectations 

I would have answered differently if you had merely asked without hinting doubt but, in reference to your first sentence, you can check the events occurred between 2/7/11 and 26/4/12 ( give or take a few weeks )

Apology accepted


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4 hours ago, madmen said:

Could you not have helped them? A true friend would have. It's only 2k and it's an emergency situation. Telling us about it doesn't achieve anything 

Stop messin' with fun of phony hand-wringing, hand-wringing, and opening to the Real Solution.

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10 hours ago, Albert Zweistein said:

Only invest in Thailand what you can afford to loose, changing rules all the time, corruption and the need for a Thai partner owning 51 % of your busineness without investing a single baht doesn't make Thailand an investing paradise. So be wise, think twice !

You're leaving our members still exposed to terrifying risk, man. Remember, we don't know what nasty surprises they have in store for us. You got to be ready to head for exits at just any moment.


All should memorize, esp. our poor noobs unaware they're in imminent danger of losing everything, the classic shrewd, street-smart TVF Poster Three Primal Laws Of Survival In Thailand. They've been formulated from countless DISASTERS over the many years:


1. Never invest in anything you aren't ready to lose;

2. Never own more than you can carry with you;

3. Keep your suitcase packed at all times.


Which is all we need. Quoting one or more of the Laws gives you ten (+10) instant points of TVF posting cred from the peanut gallery, and you did get one.

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1 hour ago, anchadian said:

Comments from another news media:


And as for 60 million visitors by 2023 - where on earth did they pluck that figure from? Not only is it hopelessly unrealistic, given the slow recovery of tourism, but the TAT has already said Thailand will never go back to the 40 million of 2019 - wants a more sustainable model.

Short memories. Thailands tourism model is based on mass market.

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On 9/24/2020 at 4:03 PM, PatOngo said:

Maybe they can lure "Boss Red Bull back to Pattaya for a weekend!

Yes.  Good for the hospital and undertaker businesses..and brown envelope manufacturers!

Probably the coke dealers as well....i mean dentists of course

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15 hours ago, FlyingThai said:

To be fair all those currently profiting from this subsidy promotion are likely the only ones who pay taxes anyway. Those who barely earn anything don't pay tax.

Don't pay income tax that is.

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