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Pump attendant slashed to death after motorcyclist refuses to pay 40 baht for gas


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Picture: Naew Na


A truly shocking crime was committed at an Esso gas station in Pathum Thani in the early hours of Monday morning, reported Naew Na.


A gas station pump attendant was slashed to death with a Sparta knife.


Thirty nine year old Sorawut Nakwichai from Muang district of Kanchanaburi was found inside the gas station's mini-mart with ten stab wounds to his chest, neck and torso. 


He was already dead lying in a pool of blood when the Sam Khok police and Ruam Katanyu foundation arrived at 1.40 am, notified by fellow staffers. 


By the mini-mart door was the knife and the assailant's shoes.


Thirty meters away was the sheath of the knife and a phone and selfie stick. 


It happened on the Pathum Thani to Sam Khok Road in Bang Pho Neua sub-district of Pathum Thani, north of the Thai capital Bangkok.


Fellow staff said that a man aged about 20 had arrived on a motorcycle and Sorawut had put 40 baht's worth of fuel in.


The assailant then drew a knife and refused to pay. A fellow staffer offered to pay instead but this was turned down by the victim who waved them away. The incident seemed to be over.



Picture: Naew Na


However, some minutes later the man returned and ran up to Sorawut and attacked him with the knife then chased him into the mini-mart and finished him off. 


He then fled on his blue motorcycle along the Pathum - Sam Khok Road. 


Pol Lt-Col Watcharapong Thianpatham was on the scene with forensics and medical staff examining CCTV and interviewing staff.


The body of the slain pump attendant was taken to Thammasat Chalermprakiat Hospital in Rangsit.


Relatives were informed and the police were studying CCTV to find out who committed the horrendous crime. 


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-03-23
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The perp and the victim had surely already history.

He first provoked the victim by not paying the petrol and then, because he couldn't satisfy his desire for violence, came back to satisfy his thirst for blood.
This psychopath must be locked forever.

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In Thairath, they interviewed his younger half-brother who said he didn't know who could have done it. But thinking on it he said a few weeks a go he'd had a fight with the security guard at the Nissan Centre opposite the petrol station who had apparently lost his job over it. That was the only thing he could think of.

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