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Thailand's sex trade: A million women in it and it's bigger than the drug trade, says Chuwit

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This man will never be a real politician here. He talks too much truth.

Does it really matter how much he has made from it, he is speaking truthfully, something which is very unusual here.

BY far the bulk is Thai men.

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And so what's his real point? Is he inadvertently saying that a person in government was in a special room with a special rent a gal and got CV-19? He knows what is he talking about as he was the biggest papason of all.

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Baiting and bickering posts and replies removed, keep this up and someone will be off on their hols..........

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2 minutes ago, rumak said:

Sex Drive :   without it all men would be kind,  gentle souls


                     and all women would be sewing clothes and planting vegetables



Next subject :   Money..................







Next, please !🤗

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