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Bangkok Lifts Restrictions on Dining in Non-air conditioned Restaurants

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By Woraprat Lerpaisal


BANGKOK (NNT) - The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has lifted restrictions on dining in non-air conditioned restaurants and increased the maximum seating limit in air conditioned venues from 21 June.


According to the latest BMA order, signed by Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang, non-air conditioned restaurants may operate at 100% capacity, while air-conditioned venues are allowed to occupy up to 50% of their seating capacity for dine-in customers.


The order also allows eateries in Bangkok to open until 11pm, up from 9pm, though the ban on alcohol consumption on restaurant premises remains in place.


In addition to easing restrictions on dining out, the order allows swimming pools and other water-sports facilities to reopen, along with education centers and science parks, and public and private libraries. Sporting events without spectators are now allowed.


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42 minutes ago, The Cipher said:


Pretty sure that hundreds years from now, our response to Covid will be remembered as probably the single biggest mass overreaction in the history of mankind to this point.

More likely, they'll laugh at the fact it was still raging on for years, when it could have been killed off in a month if everyone had just stayed home.

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2 hours ago, philba said:

when it could have been killed off in a month if everyone had just stayed home.


Yeah, I agree with this. There were always two reasonable ways to handle Covid.


(1) Either complete global lockdown for a month or so - like, really complete - to burn out the virus if possible; or (2) don't impose onerous restrictions, and accept a temporary period of a structurally higher death rates until vaccines can be developed and rolled out. Option 2 also has the subtle benefit of smoothing the demographic cliff that some developed countries are facing.


Given the reality of the situation in Thailand at the moment (1) no longer seems feasible, so gotta think (2) is the right way to go.

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