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Phone service providers


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currently with dtac and have been for around 10 years, service is good but they keep re building their website and now I cant even log in to it to pay my monthly fee as it will not recognize my computer is using optic fibre to the computer, it keeps telling me I am using wifi when I am not so I cannot log in. I am really over all this garbage and want to move my number to a serice provider that works, will look at updating my phone as well so will look at packages. I rarely use my phone for internet and it is used basically for calls only, can member suggest/recommend a good provider

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I am with AIS from the past 4 yrs. Excellent coverage throughout Thailand, English speaking customer care.

Bill provided in English. If you port your number to AIS they give you a fantastic deal and u can get a new phone.

As you're in Suratthani, I suggest you to visit Central Plaza, Suratthani.

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I just pay DTAC off my BKK bank app....All that's required is my phone number & it goes in as a direct credit/payment....

It's instant, not even enough time to log out of the bank app before the payment is made & acknowledgment received....

I have no idea why you are even messing around in the DTAC app/website.....

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21 hours ago, KhunBENQ said:

You can not login to their eservice??



I am not a DTAC customer, so can not continue.

(I am at the PC with 3BB fiber internet)


DTAC app on the phone?



The page I was being taken to so I could log in was not same as the one above, shortly after lodging a complaint with datc about the problem I was having they messaged me &  apologized telling  me that there had been an  error on the updated website/link but it had been fixed. Thanks for all the replies


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