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Russian consul general gives his views on Phuket Sandbox


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"Russia’s government was still concerned about Thailand’s COVID-19 infection numbers?" 


Only 1/3 of Russians are vaccinated despite having plenty of vaccine for the whole population. The Russians can go pound sand! (jeesh)

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On 10/9/2021 at 7:30 AM, smedly said:

Thailand might like to think they opened to foreign tourists, they can keep saying it but they are far from open

they have simply redefined words to mean what they want them to mean


open used to mean buy your ticket, arrive, pass through immig and then go enjoy your holiday

open/reopen now means that  tourists can apply for/buy/be under whatever restrictions the government currently requires to come here


the tourism big shots are working under the misunderstanding that people will go to any lengths/jump through any hoops to come here asap for a holiday, irrespective of what is open/available when they arrive.


vaccinated people used to mean having had the full regimen of requires doses of the respective vaccine

here it now means getting a single shot of anything

and the new term fully vaccinated means two shots of whatever combo is available

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I just hope that all visitors to Thailand have had 2 shots of the vaccine, as last night

I heard that Russia has less than 40 percent of their population fully vaccinated.

  I guess the poorer Russians will not be travelling much anyway, so the rich have likely

been the ones vaccinated first, so .... carry on and good luck.


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