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36-year-old Thai man dies after crashing into power pole in Chonburi during curfew


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PHOTO: Nong Maidang rescue team


A 36-year-old driver has been pronounced dead at the scene after he crashed into a power pole in Mueang Chonburi during curfew time this morning (October 8th).


The Mueang Chonburi Police were notified of the accident after midnight in Soi Tong Kung – Na Kuean in the Na Pa sub-district.


Emergency responders arrived at the scene to find the body of Mr. Passakorn, 36. His last name was not given by law enforcement. He suffered severe head wounds and had not been wearing a helmet.


Full Story: https://thepattayanews.com/2021/10/08/36-year-old-thai-man-dies-after-crashing-into-power-pole-in-chonburi-during-curfew/




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He might well have run straight into the back of a truck had there been one there..... so many reports of this type of accident recently. Is it the lack of alternative news, or being created by the curfew itself?

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2 hours ago, HAPPYNUFF said:

And the   Police are investigating a  report  from the deceased mans family that  the  power pole was at fault, as it leapt out in front of the motor cycle.

No no no. Passakorn’s friends and relatives who (weren't there and) later arrived at the scene believe that there must be other vehicles involved that led to the accident. It was the phantom other vehicle's fault. It's always someone else's fault. Even when it isn't.

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I assume that these roadside power poles and trees are not magnetic.  Why, then, are so many motor cycles and vehicles apparently drawn towards them? Collapsible poles, as used in many other countries might be a bit safer than concrete, but not much can be done about the trees.  Helmets and safety belts would also help, but possibly not in the case of most of the accidents, where excessive speed seems to be apparent, judging by the piles of junk left behind which were once vehicles.  The over-riding cause of these accidents however must surely be due to lack of adequate training.





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2 hours ago, Retiredandhappyhere said:

The over-riding cause of these accidents however must surely be due to lack of adequate training.

Drink... My bil died Thursday morning. On a motorbike with side car. Drove away from a 5 minute visit to our house sponging for money, <deleted> on white whiskey. Never got in the house, wife sent him packing.

Apparently what happened was, he was approaching a sharp left corner, on a narrow concrete road, just after a small village. Another biker was coming the other way, they swerved to avoid each other and bil ran off the road. No one saw the accident. The 'other' biker didn't stop. But this is what appears to have happened, by all reports of those who may or may not have been there, or may have seen it but are keeping quiet, or not so quiet.

No power poles, no trees, no missing 300,000 baht. Oh, and this was around 08:30...am.


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