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Suspect drops mobile phone while escaping after allegedly robbing Chonburi gold shop

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A forgetful suspect dropped his mobile phone while he was running away after he allegedly snatched gold items worth almost 200,000 baht from a gold shop at a shopping mall in the Don Hualor sub-district.


The Don Hualor Police was notified of the incident at 7:30 P.M. on Sunday, October 10th at a gold shop in a shopping mall.


They arrived at the scene to find several distraught staffers at the gold shop. They handed over the mobile phone that was reportedly dropped by the main suspect to Don Hualor police.


Full story: https://thepattayanews.com/2021/10/12/suspect-drops-mobile-phone-while-escaping-after-allegedly-snatching-gold-worth-almost-200k-from-shop-in-mueang-chonburi-mall/



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Not just a Thai thing. Back in the 60s I managed a record shop in London, and a customer ordered a record I didn't have in stock. To do that he had to leave his name and address - why his address was needed I don't know, but that was the company rule at the time. And then my undercover security guard, a middle-aged woman with a shopping bag, caught him shoplifting. He did a runner, I chased after him and after a while he turned and thumped me as a means of encouraging me to give up before a passing motorist gave him a ride to escape. Plod went out and arrested him at the address he had given me (very un-Thai like) and the next day in court he was fined not only for theft but thumping me too.

On the same subject, we also caught someone else nicking, had him in the office and it turned out he was the manager of a Scandinavian bank - he gave me his business card. I thought long and hard and decided not to take it further as any punishment he received and possible loss of employment far outweighed the offense. Nice, I am, and I bet he never tried it again after I made him sweat for a while

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