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A Honda ADV 350 on the Way?

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So this one is coming on the market soon, same engine as Forza but a bit different here and there.


I don't know if they will be selling it here?







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6 hours ago, piston broke said:

There is zero info about the adv350 on either video - just the 750 / 150

New Honda ADV350 เปิด Eicma 2021 ไทยฐานผลิตเหมือน Forza 350 ADV 150 สานต่อ X-ADV 750

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3 hours ago, piewarmer said:

I asked in a Honda shop selling 300 (350?)Forzas, they said their not going to sell the ADV350

go and talk to the big bike shop

ADV 350's when they come out will be available at all Honda scooter shops, just like the forza 350's are - Big Wing cater for 500's and above (plus the odd sub 500 "race" bike) .... Otherwise they'll be changing their name to "Small Wing" ..lol ..


You have been comprehensively fobbed off,  btw ..


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On 10/24/2021 at 4:53 PM, Agusts said:

There's been a lot of talk about this for a while now, we are wondering what the chassis will be, it can't be the same as ADV150, so would it be more like ADV750 or the Forza...!?


I think that would make a big difference ultimately as what kind of bike it will be, handling and seating position, off road capability etc. etc. , need to wait for test drives reports, not what they put on paper...


I think it's an exciting entry for Honda, it brings a new (affordable) option to the range, ADV150 is just not up to it with power for us big farang, and although ADV750 is an amazing bike but way too expensive for what it is, this could be a nice alternative... ????



It will essentially be a re-bodied Forza 350, just as the ADV 150 is a re-bodied PCX .....

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8 hours ago, piston broke said:


I went to the honda shop near the honda factory in Bowin today and asked them when the ADV 350 will be in the showroom - They reconned "mid to late December" ....

Fair play, that means there is a chance we'll get them here and not have to go to Surat Thani Big Wing

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