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I've heard of the sick cow con story from vague Thai ladies but never a pig story. 

If she is doing so well leave it well alone. 

All I know is a guy from Canada started pig farming with his Thai wife and they pack it in as there was too much competition.

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Very vague..

I think you are feeding the whole village and a few car payments and houses ...


I've asked for her business figures, expenses/outgoings etc but she is vague, saying pig food cost 75000 Baht every month 

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My GF has a new business idea;


Raising buffalos with 5 legs.

Will be unique and only costs 2 Million Baht a month to run the business.

Mom, dad, 25 brothers and sisters, uncles, ex, all will be employed on a small salary of 75k a month.


I think I go for this venture.

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Can alwaly make a bit extra and save on some feed, disposing of dead bodies. 


I'm sure you've seen brick tops monologue in the movie snatch. 



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Geeze, you guys are little insensative. This OP is obviously looking for advice, chicken legs is the only positive reply.
All you other funny guys, I would like you all to join this post, it's out of this world. 
The OP (will be good) story is like reading a fiction novel, lots of angles and direction, always the right response from comments and the headline that draws you to the story.
More twists and turns than that of Coronation Street
Have a dig at this Joker


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