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Arrive April 6 Swampy will banks and Airport Link run as it is a pubic holiday


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Just noticed it is shown as a public holiday on my Google calendar.

I know they often switch/have make up days.


Can anyone inside Thailand with definite certainty confirm it's a definate fixed date  holiday

Also be good to confirm


1 Airport Rail Link working, I guess I'll fidn out only if off the Taxi queues are crazy maybe book an Uber/Grab or Lyft any suggestions?

2 Will my Kasikorn bank in Ari be open if not will banks for paying in Thai cash NOT exchanging money work that day please. I seem to recall branches in Malls opened weekends but cannot remember at the Airport


Thanks for heads up


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6th April is Chakri Memorial Day, so a public holiday.  Kasikorn bank observed Chakri Memorial Day this year so certainly they will do next year so your Ari branch will be closed.  Pretty sure the mall branches (like Emquartier) are open on public holidays but I am not guaranteeing it.

The ARL operates normally no matter what.

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