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New SIM card/LINE


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Following scenario: been with AIS for 10 years, same tel. number all that time. Let's call it "Old SIM". 

Recently, I needed to upgrade my internet package and the only way to do this was get a new SIM card (?!?). Let's call this one "New SIM".  

Anyway, I now have a better deal with New SIM, but here's my question: IF I start using LINE with the New SIM, is there any way I can move/transfer messages from certain people from my Old SIM to my New SIM? Talking about messages and photos on LINE only. The rest is completely irrelevant. Basically, there are messages and photos frim my wife and boy which have great sentimental value to me and I don't want to lose them. 

What can I do? No, I don't want/need a second phone. 

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