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Thailand’s international tourism could take years to recover

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2 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

And as for why you cannot quarantine in your own home like most other countries on the planet is beyond words

People would not comply and stay home. 

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2 hours ago, webfact said:

However, they have been founded on hope rather than the reality of an uncertain tourist environment due to an increase in Covid-19 cases throughout the country and related border restrictions in most of the world.

Hope springs eternal but for Thailand, but it appears they are very desperate. However, they still keep things in place and keep shooting themselves in the foot.

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Look at it this way: what they are doing is offloading all the risk of entry on those non-Thai entering the country, because they think they deserve to and it's only right and moreover that's what regular Thais want them to do they believe. But it leads to absurdities and they can't see it. They need to split the risk with tourists, or better, to assume the risk themselves on behalf of the country because the resulting revenues will dwarf the drawbacks--although the people who gain are not the people they think they should please, or even recognize. 

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Or change the publicity:


"If you are Covid positive, please don't worry, we still love you too much. Thailand welcomes you with open arms".


We put you 2 weeks in an overpriced-quarantine hotel and send you back home.


Win win.

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2 hours ago, Cake Monster said:

And on top of this, it has just been revealed that some of the SHA+ Hotels are " accidently " omitting to book the required Limousine service that is mandatory upon arrival for all Air Passengers to their Hotel, where they are to be tested, and have to remain until the test is known.

The same SHA+ Hotels, are also " forgetting " to book, and to charge for the testing required when the Customer books their stay.

All of this of course means that the Traveler has to purchase a whole new SHA+ package deal, or be denied entry to the Country

This scam is even bigger than people anticipated, and the Tourists need to be fully aware of this issue when booking their Hotel Package for the 1 day Quarantine

Another Day in the Land Of Scams.

...and gives 6000 baht tip to whoever does the testing for 'right" result

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They'll need to ditch the Covid paranoid before things return to normal.  These people are more interested in power than renewed tourism, so it will never recover.  Personally I like new normal tourism - empty streets all to myself.  I'm happy with this new status quo.  This people reap what they sow.

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On 11/23/2021 at 4:48 AM, Captain Monday said:
  • Coming to Thailand should be a complete cultural experience for open minded people Make  clear public statements through all travel industry channels that although it may not be scientifically essential wearing a mask at ALL TIMES EVEN OUTDOORS is part of most Asian cultures already and will be required for in Thailand many years under force of severe prosecution. OR PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE
  • Build back better. The safest, world class, sustainable vacation destination. No more group tour hordes, sex-pests and crims. Require police checks for all foreigners who come to Thailand. 

Contradictory statements. The "complete cultural experience" of Thailand is not some "corporate experience" that provides "the safest, world class, sustainable vacation destination". It is certainly not why I fell in love with the country. Of course, improve sustainability and safety, but we have already seen the destruction of too much of what makes Thailand unique and desirable. "Open minded people" understand there are many reasons people love to vacation here, and not all of them are coming for temples and beaches. There are already plenty of destinations providing the "western standard" of tourism. Thailand needs to retain its character, or tourism will dwindle. Police checks for all foreigners entering the kingdom? They are already doing what is reasonable. Anything more is likely to turn people away. "Severe prosecution"? For masks? Get a grip Anutin Jr. Simple reminders and 500 baht fines will work just fine.

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