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How live streaming is transforming shopping in Thailand


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With its offer of bargains, interaction, entertainment and value to consumers and the chance for retailers to earn significant cash, it’s little wonder that livestream shopping on social media is such a big hit. There are fortunes to be made and prominent Livestream seller and well-known YouTuber Pimradaporn “Pimrypie” Benchawatthawat is living proof.


Every time Pimrypie gets in front of a camera, she sells tens of thousands of items in minutes. Each “live” means over a million items sold. In a video clip released early this month, she claimed she once received orders for 10 million items. The video, which lasts almost 20 minutes, takes viewers on a tour of her billion-baht warehouse that stores a wide range of products – her own brand and others from her house brand Nam Para (fermented fish sauce) to the most expensive imported perfume.


Her online sale channel “Pimrypie Sells Everything” (Pimrypie Kai Tookyang) has over 6 million followers. Each live sale draws thousands of viewers and dozens of comments. She’s so successful that even in the middle of the night, she has a live audience of more than 20,000 eager buyers. Her YouTube channel has 5 million subscribers.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/how-live-streaming-is-transforming-shopping-in-thailand/


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The gf was doing this for a while. Was having some success. But the thieves came out of the woodwork, executing "man in the middle" scams that were costing her all of her profits. in the end, the frustration caused her to give up.

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I guess for those of us from the US this is the equivalent of QVC shopping.  A big hit for the senior citizens (7-9 more years and I'm there).

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14 hours ago, Kiwithl said:

No, I didn't read the full article.

No, I won't watch on uchewb.


But free advertising for someone who is probably not short of a bob or two...



It's an interesting article reporting on a modern phenomenon. Why not?

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