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Police: Protests Illegal Under Covid-19 Emergency Decree


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BANGKOK (NNT) - Due to the recent gatherings of protesters outside the Supreme Court and Bangkok Remand Prison, where Arnon Nampa and other protest leaders are detained on charges including lese majeste and sedition, Metropolitan Police Bureau deputy commissioner and spokesman Police Major General Jirasan Kaewsangek said it was illegal to gather under the anti-Covid emergency decree.


He cited although Bangkok has been designated as a “tourism province” and has been exempted from some measures, anti-Covid guidelines, and the Communicable Diseases Control Act remain in force. Any gatherings that may lead to an outbreak can be considered a breach of the regulations.


Police Major General Jirasan said city police are prepared and well equipped to maintain peace and order, while there was no sign of armed groups or violence-prone demonstrators in the protests.


In addition to previous protest-related cases, metropolitan police have investigated 814 cases since July 2020. Of the total cases, 409 have been brought to court while the rest are still under investigation.


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10 hours ago, Mavideol said:

maybe the man is right   555

Thai police are doing a wonderful job - stop blaming us for everything or face jail, says RTP spokesman

At the next ASEAN meeting expect them to follow in the steps of a certain former PM now in exile:  if this decree is mentioned I am walking out.


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3 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

he needs a scarf and a woggle


But he seems to be missing his 'Good Conduct' badge ?

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Well at least there won't be any anti vaxxer protests in Bangkok.

   I wished I was there if only because of that.  Just heard on the news that in the USA there

have been over 10 million omicron cases since January 1st.  Good thing that it was not that many delta

variant cases. Good luck to all in Thailand, hopefully if you catch COVID now, it will likely be omicron.

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