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is cambodia nice to visit for a month? as my local immigration office says on jan 25 . no more covid extension. it is finished for good.

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i have to say i clicked on the e visa site someone put into this thread. and it looked amazingly easy. im sure im not the only one sick of all these rules.  it looks like the cambodians are making it easy to enter.  my preference would be vietnam but since the viets keep postponing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,people do whats easy and reliable,  from what i see so far cambodia looks like its fairly simple to enter if vacced.  here i come, if the covid extensions are not extended in thailand.  its no secret that cambodia and vietnam are competing for tourists with thailand. if the thais wont let me stay i will just go to cambodia.

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all i can say is the competition for tourists is well known to the thais.  and my gut says 99 percent sure they will extend the covid extension.  other wise people will just bail to cambodia.  and viets are giving very strong hints that something is in the works for next month as well.............

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4 hours ago, yogi yogi said:

but maybe nasty huge casinos etc

Only in Sihanoukville (which is a Chinese Special Economic Zone), Phnom Penh, Poipet and at other border crossings between Northern Cambodia with Thailand (Isaan) and Southern Cambodia with Vietnam. Siem Reap and Battambang do not have "nasty huge casinos". 

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9 hours ago, gearbox said:

Nowhere...same as the beach road in Chaweng, Samui. Pandemics. Most of the tourists to Sihanoukville in recent years were Chinese and they are not allowed to leave China.

Yeah but does Samui has all those skyscrapers, endless apartment blocks, casinos, avenues and highways? It was built, used up, and left empty even before the pandemic, we all saw the news...


Even here in small Kata village I saw more people walking around during the worst wave of the pandemic, than in this video of new Chinese Sihanoukville now when it's reportedly open for business...


Just hoping that "red" progress will not actually come to Thailand. This here so far was nothing comparing to countries entrapped in 'Belt'n'Road' scheme... A story of a snake and frog comes to mind.

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