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Translate a Thai Word to English

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My friend was called "nee nao". I believe it's an adjective which has a negative connotation.


Can somebody translate to English please?

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Are you sure that it wasn't 'kee niao'?

That would indeed have a negative connotation as it translates to 'tight' or 'miserly'.

A direct translation is something like 'sticky sh*t'.

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Posted (edited)

If it was in a bar and u didnt buy a drink or tip would be kee neow for sure.


Isaan people love the word. Come to your house and bring nothing... Drink all your food and beer. When u refuse to buy more you are "sticky" lol. Pretty good analogy for living with one too. Give and take. You give and they take, all the while complaining its not enough 5555, as if they were born into royalty....not a tin shed with dirt floors wiping their a$$ bare handed 🤣🤣


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10 hours ago, somchaismith said:

That's it, thanks!

How could you not know that .... ngii ngao  😂


DISCLAIMER:  posted in jest, as I also didn't think of that one.

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