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Top 10 online scams/fake news in mid June revealed - be careful says DES


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Picture: Siam Rath


A spokesman for the Digital Society and Economy Ministry has warned the Thai public to watch out for online scams especially investment schemes using fake profiles and fake news. 


Between June 17th and 23rd the anti-fake news center received 11,715, 307 notifications about fake stuff online though only a fraction of these were fully investigated and only 127 will lead to prosecutions. 


In a Siam Rath report Napphawan Huajaiman said that the top ten Fake News and Scams were:


1. Facebook and Line investment scams allegedly backed by the Security and Exchange Commission


2. Unfeasibly high returns on real estate investment


3. Handouts of 1,000 baht in government welfare programs


4. House owners to get 15,000 baht each


5. You'll get eye cancer and permanent sight loss by playing with your phone in the dark


6. Massaging your eyes will improve eyesight


7. Garlic cures stomach cancer


8. The revenue department are taxing temples


9. There are 100 mosques in Chiang Mai


10. The Government Savings Bank are offering 30K loans with 1,500 baht monthly repayment terms. 



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23 hours ago, webfact said:

only a fraction of these were fully investigated

Why is there a need to speak up & prove this Ministry exists yet doesn't do very much?

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20 hours ago, kennw said:

What about online purchases from Lazada, Shopee, Bangood etc when the item purchased is not as listed, fake, not complete, etc. and claims often not honored. Why are these online organizations not made to blacklist suppliers as soon as they are exposed as scammers. What legal recourse do buyers have and what is the process?

Not sure about consumer protection in Thailand but if there is any recourse you can bet its going to be long winded and many steps . Car manufacturers seem to be OK with their guarantees .

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