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What is Graton?

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Just outside my garden wall is a big tree which is shedding fruit all over the road and sometimes over the wall into my garden.

It appears to be a type of citrus, the fruits having yellow rind and red flesh and a taste like a grapefruit. They range in size from big orange to grapefruit.

 Wife names them as Graton (กระท้อน) but I cannot find any name in English. Nor does Google Translate help. it merely gives a letter by letter transliteration.

Would any more informed member give me a name. even a scientific name would help

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Could be Krathon.


From a website link Thai Fruits: 20 Exotic Fruits in Thailand | Will Fly for Food


8. Santol

Santol is a tropical fruit native to Malesia. Round in shape and about the size of an apple, it has a translucent to white pulp that can range in flavor from sour to very sweet, depending on the maturity and variety of the fruit. Santol is also known as cotton fruit in reference to the soft and juicy but cotton-like consistency of its pulp that can be difficult to separate from the seeds.

In Thai cooking, unripe santol is a key ingredient in som tam (ส้มตำ) or Thai papaya salad. It’s also used in other Thai dishes like santol and pork (แกงหมูกระท้อน) and santol and prawn curries (แกงคั่วกระท้อนกุ้ง).

Scientific name: Sandoricum koetjape
Thai name: Krathon (กระท้อน)
Santol season in Thailand: April to August

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the only fruit that you're supposed to bruise it by smashing it against something before eating for a sweeter taste

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