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Flying back to Europe, when should I book to get the best price?

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I'm thinking about flying back to Europe. And 14 days later to flying back to Thailand. Sometimes between right now and new year.


When will be the tickets cheapest (month/seasson)? And how far in advance to book to get the best price?

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the sooner you buy the cheaper it would be.

Check the cheapest fares on monthly comparison charts. From september to december. 

Just recently I have seen europe in september for 23k baht.

If you are flexible with timing, layover time, and chose large airports within some 500km from your destination (that distance you can cover by train in some 5h and below e100 per trip)


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Just looked up some prices to Germany in September.
Seen some acceptable connection for like 670 Euro (~25000 Baht).

I think the general rule applies: book for low season September/October.

Might help to know where in Europe you prefer to go.

Portugal or Poland, Sweden or Greece. Quite a difference.

57 minutes ago, AndyAndyAndy said:

Sometimes between right now and new year.

Right now? Don't! What a mess at many airports.

Understaffed, chaotic.

Summer holiday season.

I wouldn't go for free.

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Depending on the times you flying. If travelling due to public holidays, as soon you know your dates you are travelling. 

I used to travel to and back for work frequently before covid, and now the prices is doubled, and seems you really have do searches a few days to finely find good prices. 

I spent 3 days before I found tickets for my gf from Bangkok to Norway and back with only one stop, average flying time 16 hours for under 35k with luggage, seat and some restricted flexibility. In average the prices I found was above 50k when searching, or 25 - 30 hours flight time. I booked flight two months prior to travelling. 

I look at tickets for a friend in early desember and back in early January, and see the same now. He wants to wait, but 😁 Im sure he have to pay up higher price if he wait to long. 


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Buy your ticket ASAP as fares are going up all the time...

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