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How is situation right now in pattaya with flooding?


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Which areas are flooded? Is wongamat a place that gets flooded, because I am afraid my condo has an underground garage, what happens in that case, is your motorbike ruined or a car?

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4 minutes ago, petermik said:

No flooding now....it`s not raining 👍

As I am only an occasional visitor I hesitated to answer.

But sure there is no persistent flooding in Pattaya.

It's a limited area in the "lowlands" of South Pattaya rd, Soi Buakhao etc.

Will usually runoff till the next morning.


1 hour ago, parafareno said:

Is wongamat a place that gets flooded

If your condo is uphill (Soi 16 hill or the like) then there is little chance of serious flooding. Of course part of rainwater can flow to underground garages.

Is there some barrier (hump)?

Hard to tell without seeing the exact location.


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Any flooding clears within a couple of hours. Some parts of wongamat can flood, you would need to be more specific to get information as to your condo block.

If a car goes completely under water then yes its probably ruined, bikes can often be recovered by changing fluids, dry out electrical etc.


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I am visiting Pattaya since last Sunday. Only noted there was a flash rain in the wee hours of Sunday night while i was in bed, no flooding was obvious in the following morning. Yet the scene of sand loss on the Pattaya beach showed the flash rain was a downpour. Otherwise, sunny or partly sky throughout. 

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7 hours ago, parafareno said:

I am afraid my condo has an underground garage

Lemme see. One newly constructed condo building had a flooded garage more than a decade ago. That highly publicized one-off was then fixed, and there've been none since. If there were, the delighted screams of our Fools Buy Real Estate and Little Miss Muffet Renting Fanatics would have flooded the forum and still be mentioned in every Pattaya Flood Disaster thread--just to stir the pot.


In short, not an issue. Enjoy the delights of Pattaya!

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3 hours ago, opporna said:

Grand Avenue condo behind The Avenue shopping mall in the heart of Pattaya had their garage flooded a year ago.



Seems that's the same condo (guess the problem wasn't adequately fixed) or quite near it where the garage flood happened years ago. OK--OP, don't stay in that area behind The Avenue. 🙂

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10 hours ago, BigStar said:

Seems that's the same condo


Construction of The Grand Avenue Condo was completed only a few years ago.  

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