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Easiest route back into Thailand from Laos

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Which border bridge would you cross on your way to Laos for a visa exempt run (still got 2 this year)


I would like to go to Chiang Khong via Chiang Rai, but would I be able to just cross the bridge, get visa into Laos, and try to cross back the next day?


Or would it be easier to go to Vientiene the other way won't work for some reason. Are they strict there?

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You could do the crossing at Chiang Khong. You could do it and then turn around and return on the same day.

You could stay in Laos for the night but not sure what accommodation on the Lao side are available.

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On 9/23/2022 at 3:07 PM, onebaht said:

In Chiang Mai. I will try to do what UbonJoe says, but I think you need to wait until morning in Chiang Khlong to get bus back to Chiang Mai.


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