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Controversial media influencer Andrew Tate arrested in Romania.

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Just now, Jingthing said:

I saw a video of a lawyer commenting on taped evidence of him speaking. 

It was incredibly damming. 

There is at least one alleged rape victim witness.

There is also a record of him insulting Romanian justice and bragging he could bribe.

They would lose face if he walks on bribing now.

His fans will probably mostly still love him and consider him a victim of the vortex.

I just watched a BBC tv news item on him, literally 30 mins ago. He was discussing the same scripted technique on how he would lure single girls and rope them in. His brother used the same. They are both as bad as each other.

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Just saw the dangerous rise of andrew tate documentary by Vice. www.nrk.no got it for free if you have vpn. Let me know what you think. Did the matrix get him and he is innocent, or is he the crook and violent <deleted> he seems to be in my eyes!


Is it true one out of one hundred who claimed rape ending up in court with eviction?


Why do so few rape cases go to court?



Documentary  by Vice


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