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Hua Hin International Airport Flight Blocks ‘Hurting Regional Tourism’


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By Editor 

Perhaps the most discussed topic on the regional tourism scene is the continuing absence of scheduled flight connections to the Hua Hin Airport.  That includes international flights, but also to Phuket, the most eagerly awaited domestic connection.

Hopes still remain high that more than the solitary Chiang Mai flights will happen soon, but some local hoteliers now openly state they aren’t expecting this to happen within the next 6 or even 12 months.


Stacey Walton, President of Skål international Hua Hin & Cha-Am, speaking during a visit to Phuket to consider that burgeoning tourism scene, is amongst those asking questions. 




He says – “You should see what’s happening here (Phuket), flights are jammed packed solid and hotels 100% occupancy. What happened to the Phuket – Hua Hin domestic connection?”


That question follows June announcements about a proposed Phuket connection to Hua Hin mooted to begin from mid-September that remains unrealised.


In response, John Laroche said “Phuket remains high on our priority list – but, currently tied to our first Singapore flight.  The block on landing our international (flights) is hurting everyone in Hua Hin.  We are hoping for a break in our upcoming DoA (Department of Airports) and CAAT (Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand) meeting.”


In September progress towards the arrival of Hua Hin Airport as an international destination appeared to have taken a step forward with an inspection by Member of Parliament Pornthep Visutvattanasak, together with Airport Director Aphisit Ubonkomut and a commissioning team.  The safety inspection was required before the approval of international flights.



John Laroche CEO of the Phoenix Group, the company at the forefront of the airport development, said in September – “Hua Hin has received a bill of good health and support from the special parliamentary committee as the last stage for approval for international landings following a series airport upgrades.  We look forward to announcements shortly.”


What emerges is a stalemate.  One domestic connection, Chiang Mai, remains in operation, but the inability to begin Phuket flights and international carriers eager to fly to Hua Hin having a ”block on landing’’ is perplexing. 


Despite reports of the necessary airport standards being met, official approval remains unrealised and unexplained, with hopes fading fast that the current high season will see Hua Hin Airport begin to reach its potential.




EDITOR’S NOTE:  The ‘Phoenix Plan’, officially launched in April 2021, is a private sector partnership between the Phoenix Group and government airport authorities aiming to maximise the marketing and management potential of the airport from being a small regional facility to become a world class community asset.


Source: https://royalcoastreview.com/2023/01/hua-hin-international-airport-flight-blocks-hurting-regional-tourism/



-- © Copyright Royal Coast Review 2023-01-06

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HH airport has always been a dead zone.  Even before 2019.  Why the surprise ?

Seems every route fails to make a profit, and soon discontinues service.  Any wonder nobody is lining up to take on new routes.

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2 hours ago, hotchilli said:

Hua Hin has to have the most underutilised airport in the country..

Fitting for an overrated 'beach' holiday destination.  Soon it will have a massive under utilized RR station.  

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