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Famous Bargirl Lies


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5 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

What is the job of bargirls?

Is it their job to tell the truth like: You are old and ugly, and I don't even want to talk with you if you don't pay me for it.


Or is it their job to do anything to make the customer happy so that he pays a lot of money? You are so strong/handsome/nice. I feel so good with you together. You are my favorite guy. Other men don't understand me. The list goes on and on and on.

Do the girls lie? Sure. That is in their job description! And the better they lie the better do they do their job.


If anybody wants a (Thai) girl as a girlfriend, then meet her somewhere outside of a bar. Don't give her money, and don't promise her any money. Talk to her, walk with her in the park for an hour like lovers do that. Does your favorite girl do that? Does she even show up if you don't promise her money?


Personally, I like many bargirls and I like that they make me feel good at that time. Do I believe it when they tell me no other guy ever made them happy like I did? Of course not. But it still sounds nice when they tell me such stories. It's a lot better than: You have a little one and I don't feel anything, and you don't know how to use it. At least your done in 5 min. Good that it's over.


Be aware of what you wish for. 


I had many thai girls on my side, but I always paid the bill! The travels, food, gasolines if she had a car, hotels, but not necessary salery. A caddy who regularly came and visited me, never took or wanted money, but I guess her sponsors already paid her well

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1 hour ago, save the frogs said:

arent many of them divorced and raising children on their own?

ie single motherhood leads them to this work in some cases, no?


Yes....they do that job rather than open a market stall selling vegetables, or getting a job in 7/11.   I am sure they are forced into it and only doing it for their much loved poor children.... NOT.! 

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