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Anutin Inspects Entertainment Venues in Chiang Mai, Considers Extending Alcohol Sales Hours


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Deputy Prime Minister Anutin Charnvirakul conducted a thorough inspection of entertainment venues in Chiang Mai, expressing satisfaction with the cooperation between business owners and tourists. Despite the ongoing rainfall, he aims to extend alcohol sales hours, provided all parties collaborate more extensively.


At 10:30 PM on December 20, Anutin, accompanied by officials, visited establishments along Charoenrat Road, a hub for entertainment and dining, reported Daily News.


The inspection included popular venues such as Good View Bar & Restaurant, The Riverside Bar and Restaurant, and the renowned Warm Up Pub. Anutin engaged with tourists, emphasizing responsible alcohol consumption and safety. He inquired about their experiences, with many confirming the positive atmosphere and expressing satisfaction with venues being open until 4:00 AM.



Picture: Daily News


Anutin explained that the purpose of the visit was to instill confidence in law-abiding individuals and authorities, emphasizing the importance of cooperation among business owners, tourists, and law enforcement. He stressed the need for understanding to prevent legal violations and potential dangers, such as substance abuse, underage entry, and firearms possession. Anutin assured that with increased cooperation, evaluations would lead to positive outcomes.


Regarding establishments without licenses, Anutin indicated a willingness to consider relaxing restrictions on alcohol sales hours, contingent on improved collaboration. He emphasized the importance of effective control measures to ensure accountability.


When asked about preventing underage entry, Anutin asserted that licensed venues would not engage in risky or unlawful activities, as severe penalties await offenders. He expressed confidence in tourists' increased awareness and responsibility, citing modes of transportation other than self-driving as a positive factor.


Anutin concluded by urging the public to understand the economic stimulation goals behind the measures. He emphasized the need for collective efforts to maximize benefits for all sectors and vowed to use the current period to enhance understanding and cooperation.


Top Picture: Daily News


-- ASEAN NOW 2023-12-21


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Ikke - I agree 100%


I'm afraid if you can't have a good time in a Bar or wherever, in all the drinking time up to 2 a.m. in the morning, you are a hopeless case.


Inspections and pontificating in Bars at 10.30 pm in musing over 4.00 a.m. closing is just, brainless posturing.


I remember reading that The Govt. aimed to improve Thailand's image abroad to encourage 'respectable' tourism, Ha Ha !!


Liberal marihuana laws, bars open to 4 a.m., and now I gather, thinking about reducing taxes on alcohol, is the stuff of desperation.





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Interior Minister Inspects Bars in Chiang Mai




CHIANG MAI, Dec 21 (TNA) – Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul conducted an on-site inspection to ensure compliance with the policy of extending operating hours of nighttime entertainment venues to 4 AM.

The inspection took place at various establishments, including Good View and Warm Up, after the government implemented a policy allowing licensed businesses in designated zones to operate until 4 AM.


During the inspection, Deputy Prime Minister Anutin expressed satisfaction with the response from business owners and tourists, who appeared to be following the regulations.

Anutin stated that the three key components—business operators, tourists, and legal authorities—understood the need to adhere to the law and ensure that regulations were not violated.


Full story: TNA-MCOT 2023-12-21


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