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Buying a closed ashtray in Thailand?


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I am no smoker but mf gf smokes a cigarette from time to time.

Now she often uses the "Thai" solution, an old bottle with a little water inside.

This will prevent fires and prevent smell.

It works, but it looks horrible.


I remember ashtrays like this from the past. Do they exist in Thailand? What are they called? And where are they available online or offline? 

Any other idea about "closed "ashtrays?



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6 minutes ago, Crossy said:

Or this one, which looks suspiciously like your photo :whistling:






Another good option and half the price of the same one I suggested on Shopee. The only difference is that one is from overseas, which means it could take 10 days or so to get it. I tend to buy from local suppliers on Shopee and Lazada and pay a bit more if I want to get it quickly.


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