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Thailand’s Lampang province hits 42 degrees Celsius


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The scorching heat has engulfed Thailand’s northern Lampang province, with temperatures peaking at 42 degrees Celsius in the Thoen district on Monday and yesterday, April 2, recording the highest temperatures of this year’s summer. The Mueang district also experienced soaring temperatures, with the mercury touching 41.8 Celsius, according to the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD).


This heatwave in Lampang, which began on March 28, has seen temperatures consistently surpassing 40 Celsius for six consecutive days. The department anticipates that the province will continue to bear the brunt of the heat for the rest of the month, with average temperatures hovering between 38 Celsius and 40 Celsius.


Highlighting the severity of the situation, the department compared the current temperatures with those recorded over the past five years. It pointed out that Lampang’s Thoen district once registered a staggering 44.2 Celsius, the highest temperature ever documented in Thailand.

The department’s forecast indicates that the upper regions of Thailand will continue to experience sweltering heat, with the hot spell likely to persist until April 8. The forecast also warns of potential thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds, as southern and southwestern winds envelop the region.

The coming week also sees a likelihood of thunderstorms in the south due to the prevailing northwestern wind over the Andaman Sea and the southeastern wind in the Gulf of Thailand.


The department’s predictions for the temperature rise across different regions are quite concerning. In the northern parts, temperatures could range from 38 Celsius to 44 Celsius, while the northeast might experience temperatures between 36 Celsius and 43 Celsius. The central regions could see a rise between 35 Celsius and 44 Celsius, while the eastern regions might experience temperatures between 33 Celsius and 41 Celsius, reported Bangkok Post.


As for Bangkok and its surrounding provinces, the forecast predicts temperatures ranging from 34 Celsius to 41 Celsius until the start of next week, signalling a prolonged period of intense heat for the residents.


by Mitch Connor

Picture courtesy of matichon


Full story: The Thaiger 2024-04-03


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