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NATIONAL NEWS from Surf 102.5 FM - Friday 24 May 2024


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The health minister has announced that new legislation will ban the recreational use of cannabis, Permits will be required to grow and use the drug for medicinal purposes and research. This u turn by the government follows an earlier statement by the prime minister to reclassify cannabis by the end of the year after it was decriminalised in 2022. Pro-cannabis groups say the decision would damage thousands of small businesses that run cannabis cafes and other small distributors.

A Move Forward Party member has expressed concerns that Thailand might soon provide electricity and internet to grey businesses such as scam call centers based over the boarder in Myanmar. adding that the government had cut the power supply to a small town near Mya-waddy,  which now relies on generators, but negotiations were ongoing to restore the connection.

Six drug couriers who posed as food delivery riders were arrested in bangkok yesterday. Officers seized almost 7 kilos of crystal methamphetamine, together with small quantities of other drugs, a 9mm firearm, bullets and motorcycles.      


All the suspects confessed and said they received 80,000 baht per delivery during the last five months.

Police are investigating a tragic incident in Pathum Thani where a 74-year-old woman shot herself and two dogs. The woman's 46-year-old daughter said her mother, who lived alone, had been scammed on TikTok two months ago, losing several hundred thousand baht after initially receiving a small return on her investment.

Around the region:
China: President Xi Jinping has called for deepened reforms to address the country’s economic problems during a meeting with the bosses of state-owned firms, private entrepreneurs and overseas investors. He said
“We must resolutely eliminate the shortcomings that hinder the advancement of Chinese-style modernisation,”


Todays’ WEATHER 
Monsoon rains continue to sweep across the region


Chiang Mai and the north: Cloudy with heavy thundershowers, 29 degrees celsius 

Bangkok: Cloudy with heavy thunderstorms 32.

Pattaya:   Cloudy, with thunderstorms,  32.

Phuket and the south: Sunny, partly Cloudy 33.

Hua Hin:  Cloudy, expect with rain at times 32C

Expecting heavy rain tomorrow 


AQI: green which is good 
Green clear, yellow moderate, Orange High,  Red unhealthy.  

Credits: Bangkok Post, The Nation, Asean Now, Khaosod English,  Hua Hin  Today, The Pattaya News, Phuket News, Channel News Asia, South China Morning Post, The Straits Times. The Irrawaddy. Windy.com. Wunderground.com



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