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Investigation Ordered into Survey Revealing Majority Opposition to Amnesty Bill


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3 hours ago, webfact said:

Reacting to the outcome, Deputy House Speaker Padipat expressed concerns and took to social media platform "X" today to announce his directive for an investigation into the poll.

100% of Thais want 1 meth tab or less. Dope should be recrimilised. Just two more polls that suit the govt's narrative. 

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26 minutes ago, Thingamabob said:

If this is true it is strange that so few Thais support the views of their former, much loved and respected, Father of the Nation.

It was an online poll.

Lots of poor folk are not online!

Not so strange if the poll is aimed at rich people with more time on their hands.

Does anyone have faith in the Thai polls anyway?

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Typically online polls can be very biased.  There are very few ways you can assure that the respondents form a representative sample of the population.  Also, many online polls don’t stop people from registering their response more than once.

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3 hours ago, hotchilli said:

When it suits the upper classes.

Yet they let the student protester die.

agreed........see my letter in yesterdays Bangkok Post.

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"First House Speaker Padipat Suntiphada has ordered an investigation into claims that the military's information operation (IO) has interfered in the public hearing for a draft amnesty bill from the civil sector."


This from somewhere else. Apparently there were many votes put forward within the same hour. Wouldnt surprise me one bit.

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What is better and more accurate than any poll and represents all Thais regardless of position and income is a VOTE in Parliament by the People's 250 representatives. That’s called Representative Democracy. Going a step even further, hold a national referendum that allows Direct Representation such as used in Switzerland. 


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