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Beware Of Holiday Cars Nl

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They claim to do car rental service in many countries, and have a spiffy looking web site, at Holidaycars dot com, but beware...

I briefly corresponded with them in the 3rd week of Sept '08, re; about renting a car in SF, CA, USA. Right away, we realized (they told me via email) my credit card didn't go thru for them (because I didn't have the 3-digit code for my newer card which I hadn't yet rec'd). So, I didn't do any business with them, and went and made other arrangements with another company. I though that was the end of it.

Now, 3 months later, I get a c.card bill from them for $477.18 !!! - despite that they said my c.card didn't work with them, and that I had zero business with them. I tried calling, emailing, 'live-chat' contacting them, but (surprise!) none of their spiffy online contact methods worked. Has anyone else reading this been ripped off by them? I also tried calling my c.card company to contest the bill, but (surprise!) they're not answering their phones - until after the holidays.

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Urgent Update!. They're going to rescind the bill - erase it from my c.card statement, (a 'charge-back' or whatever term they use for such things).

I contacted them, and this time a person did engage with an online 'chat' and let me air my grievance.

After a protracted bunch of messages back and forth, she contacted the car rental outlet, and found out that I didn't use any of their services. It was a mix-up, and they've copped to their mistake.

I told them, because of their making this good, I'll consider using their services in the future.

Oh, they're online, so it appears they have activities worldwide - though most heavily represented in northern Europe.

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