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Mains Socket


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I saw this mains socket pictured below on a local government new build housing estate. These were small cheap basic starter homes. It looks like it's made to accept various style plugs so I'm wondering...

Will this take a UK plug?

What would this socket imply about the standard of the earthing fitted in such a home?

Is it an indication that Thailand is planning to change standard sockets over the long term future?

Thanks for your help,



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Yes, a UK BS1363 plug will fit this 'universal' outlet as will US, Auzzie, Indian (5A) and many others particularly 2-pin plugs, Italian three-in-a-line plugs will not fit. Note that European 'Schuko' plugs will fit and work, but there will be no ground continuity.

A couple of caveats:-

  • It is likely not shuttered and the opening is larger than the regular outlet so watch small fingers.
  • The polarity will be reversed relative to the UK so your BS fuse will be in the neutral.
  • Because of the complex shape of the contacts the contact area is reduced, no way I'd trust this at a full 13A.

These are ideal for hotels where you'll likely get all nationalities, a couple of these in each room (with a "220V' sticker to warn our American friends) will save a fortune in adaptors.

I'm surprised they are in a regular housing development as the normal 3 pin outlets take all the plugs normally fitted to Thai appliances (except the Schuko which should no longer be fitted to a new appliance), they were probably cheap.

It is unlikely that Thailand is going to change basic standards although there is now a standard TIS166-2549 (2006) for appliance plugs, they should now look like this. Originally this was supposed to be a compulsory change, seems that at the last minute it was recinded. They fit the regular grounded outlets that accept round pin plugs.


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