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Marital Ceremony In Koh Tao


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In Febuary 2010 we would like to visit Koh Tao for a week. We have chosen the island as being one of Thailand's most beautiful, in our opinion, of course.

We have a special request and we were wondering if someone could help us make our dream come true: Before we come to Thailand, we want to get married in Holland. To make things easy; and also to include our parents, closest friends and our children. We will keep it simple and will probably even leave the rings to be exchanged in Thailand. We would like to do a marital ceremony with just the two of us, a photographer and a Thai minister. To make things very clear: This is not a legal wedding, and we want to keep it as simple as possible!

Because we aren't quite sure where to start our search, we have contacted SIAM hotels to see about this possibility. All they can come up with at the moment is a full-on wedding with all the trimmings. We would obviously like to stay at a nice hotel for the night after, have a meal, some champagne and breakfast the next day, but we aren't interested in the "pre-fab" marriage packages we have seen advertised. They are just not for us. That is the kind of wedding we are trying to get away from by coming to Thailand. Is it a possibility to contact a local church?

Please could you give me some more information about this subject? Thank you in advance.

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"Whitening" in Mae Haad does excellent weddings. Subtle but classy. Amazing catering for events and style and decor. Run by some designers. Very reasonably priced. I'm sure they can show you photos of past weddings. Many other options as well. Koh Tao has some great restaurants. All kinds of accomodation there as well.

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I am now in touch with the SilverSands resort, a rather new and nice looking resort, run by (an Aussie??) guy who seems to realise why we want to get away from the formalities of Holland. Now we're just looking for a tailor to do our dress and suit in Bankok, where we will be staying for the first week. Any one?

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Hi, thanks for the help. We e-maild Sensi (actually, it was our first choice), but they seem part of a bigger plan. The woman didn't seem to understand us and quoted us for the full package. I myself am not too fussed about paying for this experiance, though I must say I find 60.000 BTH a bit steep :D , but I do wonder about all the trimmings. We really don't need flower pettals laid out in the shape of a heart and stuff like that. :o

We might very already have found a hotel that meets our needs very well. We're still waiting for his actual quote now.

I'm greatfull to get the adresses for those tailors. At least it will save the clothes getting crushed and wrinkeled on the plane from Bangkok.

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Howabout going over to the Andaman sise for Trang province's world famous underwater marriage ceremony February 13-15? Dont have to register the marriage.

Trang Underwater Marriage Festival

Partly due to its widely publicized "Largest Underwater Wedding Ceremony" which earns it an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, Koh Kradan is now one of the best known islands. The innovative 'weddings underwater' first launched in 1997, is now an annual Valentine's Day event which attracts more people every year, who sign marine marital commitments in Scuba gear at a depth of 12 meters. This ceremony is held for the first time as a part of the Underwater Wedding Ceremony in order to fully complete the Thai traditional wedding ceremony. This tradition is believed to bring peace and long lasting relationship to the couples.

The Underwater marriage registration will be held 12 meters under the sea in front of Kradan island. The brides and grooms, separated will dive down into the blue sea, filled with colorful fish school, to the white sand ocean floor. There, they will meet with the district officer who will witness and approve their marriage certificate. All prospective newly-weds holding an international divers license may participate.

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