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Urgent Help "retirement Visa"

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Hi all,

I am on a "Retirement Visa" since about 6/7 years. My visa will expire this monday January 25th. I just got a check from an American bank with the necessary funds (11.000$) to put in my account and get the 800.000+. Now it seems that, to cash the check on a Thai bank it will take at least 4-6 weeks!

What is the best to do now?

-Leave the country and come back after January 25 th to get a normal tourist visa and wait untill the money from the check is in my account? Apply then for a "Retirement Visa" again? Do I have to pay a daily fee of 500 Baht for overstaying my "Retirement Visa"?

-Just stay here and apply for an extension of the "Retirement Visa" when the funds arrive in my account, paying the daily 500 Baht.

-Go to another country and apply there for an extension but not having the 800.000+ in my account? Possible?

-Other solutions?

Really I dont know what to do. I did not expect it would take so long to cash a foreign check in Thailand.

Thanks for helping and the good advice.

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There are different options, but I don't think going into overstay is generally a good idea.

Here is a scenario that could work without overstay:

Go to Lao and get a two entry tourist visa. Use the first one. Make a visa run, and use the second one.

With at least 21 days left on your second permission to stay on a tourist visa, you can apply for an O visa at immigration Thailand

Then the second step is to apply for an annual extension of stay based on retirement. This is sometimes done at the same time as the O application, but it also can happen approx 30 days from the end of your 90 day permission to stay on the new O visa. That is up to the officer and how he evaluates your application.

You are playing a TIMING game. For the first time (and this will now be a first time again for you) extension of stay based on retirement (assuming you are using the 800K method) the funds must be in the bank over 800K for two months before making application for the annual extension of stay. Plus you have to add to that the time you need to wait for your check to clear.

Not to give you a headache but it sounds like you might be living a bit close to the bone, given that you must season the money for two months, are you at risk of spending down under the 800K before the application? Can't help you with that one.

If you are using the COMBO method (you have a pension letter) you do NOT need to season the money for two months.

Caveat: I have presented a way to approach it based on my experience and understanding of your situation only. If I am wrong I am sure someone will correct this, and if they have a better idea, go for it!

I must also say I find you question odd from someone who says they have retired here for 7 years now. You would think you would know the ropes by now. Sorry if that sounds insulting, I really am a little baffled by your post.

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Even a single-entry tourist visa will do to start again with a change to non-O visa and application for retirement extension. This will give you permission to stay for 60 days. With at least 21 days remaining, get the change to non-O. This gives you permission to stay for 90 days, most likely from the date of approval, which is done on the day you apply. Any time during the last 30 days of this new permission to stay, apply for your retirement application.

This will give you three to four months until the application for retirement extension, enough for your cheque to clear.



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Thanks for the correction, M. I wasn't clear on how immigration handles the seasoning issue on the O application, but I see your point, using a two step process by the time you are applying for an extension on the O, the money is seasoned. So OP, get thee to Lao ASAP.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the help.

No, I am not an American but European. I was counting on that check to get to 800.000+. For some reasons they did not do what they said and now I am in troubles. Also, I did not expect at all having to wait 4-6 weeks to cash the check. In my country, it is a few days only.

Jesus....all solutions sounds quite difficult.

I own a condo here. Does anyone knows how long it will take to get a loan from the bank for a foreigner, holding real estate here?

Thanks again guys.

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Quote:I own a condo here. Does anyone knows how long it will take to get a loan from the bank for a foreigner, holding real estate here?

This option you can forget. Not possible. (Bangkok Bank in Singapore could perhaps help, but this will take time.)


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To the OP, if am reading you correctly you don't have the check to bring your account over 800K. Maybe you can get it later? In any case, do not overstay. You are a little bit lucky because at the current time Vientianne is granting double entry tourist visas AND Thailand is no longer counting days within six month periods on visa free entries (15 days by land, 30 by air). So you can buy yourself a lot of breathing time, as much as you need, if you will get the needed funds LATER than you thought. With a double entry tourist visa, and two 30 day extensions in Thailand, that gives you six months here. After that, you can repeat the process as needed, until you may be able to get qualified again for a new retirement extension.

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