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Warrenty? Apple Repair


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One side of my I pod classics ear phone have stopped working, it/They were bought in uk tax free under a year ago, so I presume are still under warrenty. any one any idea, on where to go what to do, how long the repair or replacement will take. im in Chang mai for around another 4/5 weeks. and back to the uk in april Thanks

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The Apple repair shop is on Srimankalajarn Rd. If you are in front of Central/Kad Suan Kaew, head towards the mountain on Huay Kaew Rd and turn left at the 1st traffic light (not counting the pedestrian crosswalk light). The shop is maybe 50 meters down on the right. A couple of years ago they did work on my powerbook, which I bought in the USA, & everything was covered by the warranty. I'm not sure about something like earphones but it's worth a try.

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there's an apple dealer in central airport plaza and one close to the Dusit D2 (street were the night bazar is) but if you want a tip, buy some decent headphones, you'll be amazed about the sound quality of your ipod if you buy a pair of AKG's, or Sennheisers. (the original ipod headphones are not that good,...read pretty bad )


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