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Fishing In Phuket


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Ok, so where are the decent fishing spots that you should be able to catch something decent?

- I know that there are some decent beaches in Phuket, are any worth fishing from? The beach at the airport looks like a great place to sit for the morning but does anyone catch much?

- Freshwater fishing? Is there much in Phuket? I have driven past some lakes on the way to Patong coming from the large Tesco's, can you fish in them, they look like they contain fish.

- Any rivers that you can fish in?

- Any carp/catfish fishing places? I know in Samui they have a place called TopCats, anything similar on Phuket?

Thanks for you recomendations....

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I have tried fishing from many beaches around the island with out much luck...

I always go to Rawaii, and take a long tail boat around.... The boat drivers know all the good fishing spots... I always have a great time and catch allot of fish....

Bring your own supplies though.... wieghts, hooks, line, bait..... and sun screen as it gets hotter than hel_l in the boat...

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