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Teaching The Office Staff


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Hey all,

I'm working for a small company of about 15 employees, although my primary occupation is not an English teacher.

Prior to this day, I've never taught English in a teaching environment.

I've been requested by the staff to train them in their speaking skills :o

As I'm reluctant to use reading material and wanna make it 'sanuk', what other alternatives can you advise?

I was thinking along the lines of audio/visual aid (instruction DVD's or even movies)

This would be doubly effective since our office has good A/V facilities (wide-screen LCD / high-brightness projectors)

Also I was thinking of some kind of 'English Speaking' day, when they could basically practice their skills.

If anyone has any other ideas, please do make suggestions.

I'm particularly interested in DVD's / listening aid's and whereabouts to buy them.


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I recommend New English File by Oxford University Press. You can purchase a DVD package. It has a lot of entertaining interactive situational conversations. I use it with my class to teach giving and following map directions (it has a map of San Francisco and a video role-play conversation for asking for and giving directions). I think the DVD package is the pre-intermediate level, which may be challenging for your students, but they are probably up to the task.

New English File publication website

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