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'thai' Moments.


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Today for some reason I found myself thinking of something that happened a few years ago, whilst I was living in Phuket.

I had agreed to visit a friend one day for drinks at his apartment, our GF's where with us also. Just as we opened up the bottles and started downing the good stuff the girls decided to head for the market to buy in some ingredients to make a meal for us, of course my friend and I did not object

After a fairly short time the girls returned with bags of various goodies, as well as four rather large live crabs. This was looking as though it would be a good day, Beer and crab....... And so my friend and I continued to drink whilst the girls started preparing the meal.

What happened next was something that I will never forget.

Without thinking :o , one of the girls cut of the bands that where holding the largest crab without killing it first, of course this crab had had a bad day and now free from it's shackles it immediately set about letting us all know just how pissed off it was.

Of course we all responded in the appropriate manner, which was to stand on the closest object which would lift off the floor away from the crab, and start screaming like little girls whilst throwing various objects at the cranky crustacean. This continued for some ten minutes until one of the girls disabled the crab in a swift and daring manoeuvre with a som-tan pestle.

I will never forget the image of four grown adults acting like young children because of a single crab. And although such things could happen anywhere in the world I still can't help but to think too myself...........

Only in Thailand.

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