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Park Food Hall


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Have any of you been to the park food hall at the emporium on the 5th floor?

I think they remodeled it and removed some shops.

Anyone have any updates?

Which stores are remaining?

What was the reason they removed it?

It performed poorly because many of the shops in there were not very good, and frankly the design sucked, and they decided they could make more money by renovating into individual restaurants.

Now - still mostly empty when I go there, but that's usually a bit late - never seen it during weekends or dinnertime.

What's there?


Chinois (chinese food, bit pricey)

Mizu (I think that's what it's called) - 399 baht all you can eat Japanese shabu-shabu

Sunrise Tacos

K-ca Ramen

a Korean restaurant

a curry shop

Thai Gourmet (the one that used to be on the left side of the Food Hall as you walked in)

a small Vietnamese place if I'm not mistaken

a Japanese place occupying the viewing area, which is too expensive for food which is no better than Fuji.

Soon to open - Mos Burger.

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