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Want To Record European Tv To Watch Later Here In Thailand


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Not sure if this is "workable", but would appreciate any input from others.

Basically I "miss" some of my TV shows etc from my home country (Scandinavia). Some of it I can see "live" or "stream" from the TV stations, but with the rotten internet connections here in this country, I dont do it.

My idea is to store the broadcast on a computer/hard-disc locally in my home in Scandinavia (quite good 20Mbit connection). Was thinking of controlling this through www.logmein.com or similar remote control.

Then to schedule downloads during the night when speed is quite good (around 0,7 - 1 Mbit) to watch it the following evening.

I would imagine I could download 200-300MB per hour.... and to get a reasonably good quality - the file size would be 600-800MB / hour?

Any input is appreciated :o

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