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Nokia 5800 At Kuala Lumpur Airport


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i am on a Visarun next week HKT - KUL - HKT

any chance to buy the Nokia 5800 XPressmusic at Kuala Lumpur Airport?

Airport is going to sell it to you a lot more expensive than you can get it in KL downtown or even in Thailand. Then again in KL, there are two kinds of nokia's. One is by the main distributors which is generally more expensive. Last month i was there and it was in excess of RM1,400. And by approved permit distributors which was about RM1,350.

Thailand is launching it 20th February and is expected to sell at 13,600. With local Thai warranty etc etc. IT would surely beat me why you would rather buy it in KL than in Thailand. hel_l, i have even check the prices of TV LCD panels in Malaysia and Thailand and surprisingly, its cheaper here!

I would be interested in buying the 5800 if only it had Wi-Fi on it. Too bad for such a nice design but it just doesn't have the umpphh without wi-fi.


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IMHO it's a gr8 piece of hardware, better than IPhone sure for 100% hehe.

Because it's a s60 phone, hehe. I read a lot of reviews in the past few days.

Now i am using E51, gr8 also!

But i am not sure buy in here or buy when com back to austria end of april!

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