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Care For Dogs - 3rd Birthday Party Announcement


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Care for Dogs just came of age and is delighted to announce a celebration party to share our happiness and energy with our friends, neighbours and anyone who would like to come to the party on Sunday, 7th June 2009 between 10:00 – 16:00.

The shelter will be dressed up, the road outside closed and the tents & seating erected to give a shady welcome to everyone.

Inside the shelter the dogs will be on their best behaviour with the friendliest at the front and the most excitable in areas that people can enter if they wish.

We are planning for most eventualities but if you fancy joining one of the shelter tours and playing with the dogs, please come with comfortable doggy-friendly clothes as they might jump on you and love you like crazy.

We will have food & drinks to suit most people, cakes & coffee, classical Thai dance, a fortune wheel, and prizes and gifts. Music and ambiance will calm the heat of the day. Kids will have fun at our Kiddies Corner (Art and Craft, Scavenger Hunt, Create a Doggy Puppet).

With so many volunteers on hand to help the day run smoothly, we can assure you of an enjoyable & memorable occasion.

Come and join us! The Team @ Care for Dogs

Phone 08 47 52 52 55 (English) / 08 69 13 87 01 (Thai)


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