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Music Shops That Sell Se2200A Or Se2200T Microphones?!


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Hi there,

I am setting up a home recording studio (albeit a modest one) and I am looking for any music shops in Bangkok that sells se2200a or se2200t microphones. In fact, any shops selling decent mics would do! All I can find are cheap SM 58's...

Please advise me of a specific music forum if there is one as I couldn't find one.



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Hey Paul,

Fantastic, thanks very much for that - found what I was looking for!




Usually I buy my stuff from http://www.proplugin.com/. They have a good service and reasonable prices.

Or I just order from any shop in the US and ship it till here with Shipito.com. With their cheap shipping costs, and even with import taxes it is usually cheaper than if you buy it here.


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