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Speech Therapist for Adults in BKK


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Hi All,

The title says it all, i am looking for a speech therapist for adults namely myself. I have Googled but can only find for children.

OK so people are going to ask why i need or think i need a speech therapist, well it goes like this...... I believe that i need a therapist for social/psychological reasons, i am an insecure person and have been since a child so I talk quietly due to a conscious or unconscious desire to not draw attention to myself, or i mumble therefore people don't understand me or i talk too fast or have a quiet voice or all the above...Not sure as i am speculating and not a psychologist.

Anyway can anyone help by directing me to someone that knows about these things?

No smart arse comments either please.



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From what you describe you do not need a speech therapist as such but rather a general therapist as it sounds like you do not have a speech disorder per se but rather social anxiety issues and perhaps some feelings of inferiority. As these resolve, your speech will naturally become louder and clearer.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be very helpful. See http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/90910-mental-health-resource-list/

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