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I am looking for citizen journalists, photographers and photojournalists who care about a particular area of news or current events and who wish to publish their work.

Maybe you are practicing as a photo documentarian, a writer, a blogger, or are a professional or educated hobbyist in some field of interest. If your subject relates to news or current events, we will consider publishing it, but it should be something you care about.

We are a small paper, our articles are able to reach 50,000 people sometimes. Everyone at our paper cares about our work. We want to work with people the world over--we want to bring the world together in information. If you know a writer, journalist, or photographer, please pass this on.

If the articles you write earn money, we will give this to you. We track the pageviews of every article and calculate totals for contributors. Advertising generates modest revenue, and we are currently paying the entirety to writers. As the company grows, we expect to deduct a percentage for additional editors, but growth would also mean increased traffic, so money should only increase.

Your English does not need to be perfect. We have dedicated editors. If you are not sure if you can write news, we can teach this very quickly--we have a tutorial. We want citizen journalists.

If you are interested, email me: [email protected]

Day Blakely Donaldson





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