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bike jerking very hard


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Hi i have a cbr150 carb model which jerks very hard when releasing the throttle in 1,2, and 3th gear. I cant just let the bike roll by releasing the throttle (even slowly) its way too uncomfortable. It feels like it falls 2 or 3 cm down in the frontfork which gives an hard shocky feeling. Also when even given the slightest amount off throttle it jerks up.

The only way to drive comfortable now is to immediatly pull the clutch lever before releasing the throttle . And also accelerate while slowly release the clutch. ( just like u do when shifting ).

Is this normal? I think your supposed to release the throttle slowly and accelerate slowly whitout using clutch while driving these first 3 gears. A little bit jerking is ok but this is way too much. Feels like the engine is braking alot when release the throttle.

Anybody know what this could be?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Since most bike shops seem to have a hard time finding out what causes problems ( i have to find out myself and tell them what to repair...) if it gets you from A to B its already good for these guys

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