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Making True link the Fiber Cable to your Building


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Dear All,

I am living on a condo near Silom which has been built in 2005.

Unfortunatelly we can only have the Hi-Speed Internet ADSL with the Telephone as the building does not have the cable.

Is there a way to request to True to come and to link your building to the Fiber Cable in order to get the ultra High Speed ?

Is it free or will they charge ?

Thanks by advance,


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I expect the condo building controls what telephone, cable TV, and internet services are allowed to be installed in the building. Kinda like my Bangkok moobaan where up until approx 3 years ago your only choice for internet service was ADSL provided by TOT, TOT, or TOT. Yeap, TOT had sole rights for phone landline and ADSL to the moobaan and the surrounding area. But then True cable internet and cable TV came to the moobaan, but not True landline service. It was my understanding the moobaan central management also had a say in what service providers were allowed into the moobaan....expect it's the same for your condo building. Plus the govt controls what utility services are allowed into different areas....that is having approval to operate/install lines in certain areas. And a True cable TV/internet run to your residence can be no longer than approx 100-125 meters from the main True trunk line. All you can do and ask some questions of True and see what they say...and don't be surprised if they say they don't provider service in your area/to your building yet...to be determined in the future.

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Good luck trying. I had a similar problem I live in central Bangkok in a building around 12 years old and we have been pushing true for 2 years to put cable/ fibre optic in. Finally last week they started work and we should have cable within a few weeks.

From what I understand true have a limited budget to wire old buildings. They prefer to spend the money to wire new condos as then they can lock in all the residents to their service. In older condos like mine the majority of people use true adsl and truevisions already. Spending money to connect fiber optic doesn't make sense to them as the net increase in income from the building would be marginal.

My condo management negotiated with true for 2 years. At one stage they were told if we know someone big at True then we can maybe get to the front of the line. I think the only reason we finally got the system was that the building management told them we were going to speak with 3bb and negotiate a bulk deal for units to switch from true and we would write to the top management at true and let them know.

Oh and 3bb won't connet the cable if the building is more than 500 meters from an existing node.

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Hi AJBangkok,

Thanks for your very interesting reply.

I am in soi Saladaeng, I have no idea if I have a Node nearby or not.

Is there any map of the existing node ?

You are right, they prefer to spend money on wire new condos. But obviously the bangkok CBD district is an area where there are the more people who can "afford" a more expensive Internet plan. And only few building are linked to the cable. Surprising strategy...

You are actually very lucky to have a building management who pushed them to come and do the job. I have a "mai mee/mai dai" management.

Do you mind to ask your building management if they have the contact @ True ? As the call center is not helpful at all !

Also I am sure that I can request the other co-owner to pay for the instalation, I don't know why true does not just charge for the service, it could solve the problem.

Appart from True who are the Cable provider in Bangkok ?


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They won't let you (or true) drill holes and deploy cable until they get a hefty paycheck from True online.

This isn't your 1st world condo / apartment (managed with common sense).

Perhaps you can get AIS Airnet if your condo has a balcony that is not blocked by another tall building. Airnet should be better than TOT.

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