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Tesco Lotus Exchange/Return policy/experiences?


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Today I bought a cheap blender for 399 THB at Tesco Lotus. Somehow I had forgotten the adage "You get what you pay for" as it is a piece of junk and I it doesn't blend very well at all. I would like to take it back and exchange it for a more expensive model. Does anyone know if this is possible? Anyone have any related experience? Obviously, buying a cheap blender is my mistake and so if I have to eat the amount, oh well, but I thought I'd try my odds first.

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I exchanged a DVD player...bought a Samsung because I wanted to match one of my TV's - they suggested Sherman.....the Samsung didn't work well to I took back and got the Sherman...took some talking to explain - but all OK (initially they thought I wanted my money back) = exchange seems OK....

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